Fire Scenario

Give your size-up, Initial Incident actions, and Brief Description of the strategy and tactics you would use.

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  • ChiefMO says:

    I’d ask for a 2nd. alarm and start making plans for a 3rd. Given the time of day it would take a confirmed report of someone trapped inside for me to commit units to the interior. I would write off the initial structure trying only to extinguish the main body of fire while putting most of my efforts on the bravo and delta exposures. This scene can get away from the IC if they’re not careful. It could look like the ’07 Pine Knoll fire in Raleigh. The Raleigh fire was wind driven but shows what can happen if the fire gets ahead of the fire department.

  • Ziggy says:

    Initial report to the communications would be something sounding like this:

    “Chief 5 to county, I am on location with a two and a half story single family dwelling, heavy fire through the roof, with extension to exposures B-Bravo and D-Delta. I have a vehicle in the drive way with vehicles also found at the exposure properties. Have the first in engine company lead off with search and rescue taking a two and a half inch line to the interior for protection and extinguishment, have the first in truck company to arrive and prepare for master stream operations and its crew to split and check the exposure dwellings for any residents. The first engine is to establish a water supply.”

    Orders given and recieved from the first engine and truck on radio.

    “Chief 5 to county, strike the second alarm, have my next engine obtain a secondary water supply and begin to protect the exposures with their heaviest attack lines.”

    As the commanding officer, I would request that the first in engine company perform a quick search of the initial fire building and noting that the dwelling is newer construction with possible truss construction. After initial search of the fire dwelling, upon preaching safety in regards to searching the second floor, I would then evacuate the buildings and begin and continue master stream operations as well as the exposure protection. Unfortunately, as an incident commander, I am looking towards the safety of my personnel with the utmost importantance, in my mind, I may even write the initial fire dwelling off as a safety factor, however, it would play constant havoc on my mind as there are signs that people may be inside the residence requiring rescue. Another option that I may decide to do is to have all companies lead off with master streams and knock the main body of fire down, and possibly then if conditions permit, perform interior search and rescue operations. This could be a very tricky situation as ChiefMO has already stated, and can easily get away from the incident commander. There are many options that can be done with this type of fire, such as initial search and rescue, the writing off of the initial fire dwelling, as well as the transitional attack. I am looking forward to everyones imput as to how they would attack this fire or how they come up with their initial attack plan.

  • Engine Captain Missouri says:

    If I were the first due engine, I’d skip the second and go straight to the third. First two companies catch their own plugs if possible, Engineers put the deck guns in service to cut this off in both directions, our 2 companies make sure the homes are evacuated, 2.5″ off both companies. In my town I’d have a Chief there by now. Main thing is life, second is to stop the spread of fire, isolate the damage. In this type construction, stopping this fire is key.

  • ChiefMO says:

    Looking back at the video it looks like the Delta 2 exposure also lit off. You can’t let this kind of fire get ahead of you. Unless there is a confirmed victim, I’d not put anyone in that original house. Let it burn and protect the rest of the houses. I’d take all of my 1st. alarm and draw a line in the sand. When the 2nd. alarm gets there then I’d look into other options, but until then…

  • csobek says:

    my radio report will be as followed command to qaurters, we have approx. 4 25by50 possibly occupied 2 story lightweight wood frames structures involved in fire,strike me a 3rd alarm and a fast team. seeing on this video, i would have the first arriving engine go to the furthest b exposue and place a deck gun between exposure b1 and b2 alley take a 2 1/2 line and stop fire on exposure b2 make sure primary water supply has been established, my first arriving truck company park just off the first arriving engine to have there turntable just between the original fire structure and the b1 exposure to knock down fire with a supply from the first and possibly the second arriving engines, my second arrivivg engine bring in a secondary water supply and park behind the first arriving truck company between the original fire and d third arriving engine find a water supply off a different hydrant grid to supply apparatus as second arriving truck and third due engine would due my primary search and forcible entry on the exposure at this point of the game,once heavy fire is knock down on the original structure we can do a search in that structure.i would have to make a fast team with a company,third alarm companys i would team up and utilize as needed.i would need a safety officer and accountabilty officer and a staging officer.i would give a progress report to dispatch approx. 20 minutes into the fire and also call for a company par. notify ems and a canteen and air supply vehicle. rehab personal every 30- to 45 minutes. decentralize command to groups and designate a offficer as group leader for each structure.

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