Our Season is longer than 162 Games……

Baseball season started me thinking about how we build our own teams.  In Baseball it begins in the farm system, but they also have Winter Meetings, where they can trade and get players to make their team ready to meet the challenge of the 162 game season.   Certainly there are times when it would be nice for us to go out and grab some free agents, or possibly even trade for a player to be named later.

The reality of things is that most times we must work with the cards we are dealt.  While transferring a “less than desirable” firefighter off your group may seem like a good idea, all it does is shift the burden of your problems to someone else.  And if ”A” shift has an “all star” then they are not likely to hand him over willingly.

So what are we supposed to do?

I remember reading about people that don’t meet your expectations.  The line of reasoning was that rather than writing them off, you should consider that maybe they just have not had the opportunity to prove themselves to you.

The gist is the everyone has the potential, you just have to work it out of them.

To further the comparison to professional sports, how many teams have acquired a mediocre player only to have him shine with the right combination of teammates and management?  By being put in the right place, anyone can reach their true potential. 

Does this mean that behind every badge is a Tom Brennan or Ray Downey?  Or a (insert name here) from your Department?  No.  It means that as a company officer you have the obligation to try and bring the best out each employee.  Certainly personalities and other factors limit your ability to do this.  However at the end of the day, that is what your job is.


  • ChiefMO says:

    Great idea, but one problem is that it takes a while to exhaust yourself on a ‘project’. And by then they are off probation and you’re stuck with them until they quit or get fired.

  • blancety says:

    The probabtion ones are no where near as bad as those inherited…..

  • 13 Truck says:

    I heard a long time ago, and it seems to ring true: “A good officer doesn’t transfer his problems, he fixes them. Those that can’t be fixed will eventually be fired.”

  • Engine Captain Missouri says:

    I’ve have to agree with 13 truck. As the company officer I am tasks with knowing the positives and negatives of all my people. I can do my job, and do to the very best of my ability, but we as company officers need the backing of the admin! Without this, we inherit, and yes they are far worse than any probie I’ve seen!

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