Simple Bailout Plan by Anchor Point

Today’s drill is a simple Bailout.  I use the word “Simple” because of the equipment involved.  There are countless options available for bailout from manufactured systems to throwing things out the window at firefighters on the ground.   I have tested many systems and firmly believe low tech will always win.    Whatever your plan is make sure you have it and practice it.

For this evolution you will need 2 instructors, Kevlar rope and carabiner, a belay system with someone minding it, SCBA and structural firefighting gear. Secure Belay to the top of the SCBA or a separate harness before beginning.

1. Have the student attach the carabiner to a suitable anchor point. We aren’t looking for anything bomb proof, just something that will get you out the window. This is self rescue, not perfect scenario.


2. Throw the rope out the window.

3. Run the rope around your back and hold both sides of the rope in front of you. G:DCIM103OLYMPP2169537.JPG

4. Put your hands out the window past the sill to prevent you from crushing them, and take up the slack back to the anchor.

5. Stick your head out the window and then the legs, pretty standard part. This is so you can hang out the window.


6. Slide lazily away from a burning, fiery death.  Squeeze the ropes together to control speed.  There is so much friction in this system that you will be barely squeezing the ropes together in order to stop.


Maybe you need to go to the ground, maybe you just need to reach a ladder or lower roof.  Bailout should be the LAST option. But, last option or not, when you are concerned for your life is not the right time to learn your equipment.  Be safe

.G:DCIM103OLYMPBail 4.jpg


  • pfd24 says:

    awesome idea guys!!! this is a very simple idea like said, but with this method, i would want to be absolutely positive that there is no other way out. if one of your hands slipped off, you probally would be on the ground, but without a rope.

  • anchorpoint1 says:

    Agreed pfd, bailout is the LAST option, but it is an option we should be prepared for. I would urge you to give it a test ride for yourself. I’ve been tempered to test this with 2 people on the rope at one time do to the amount of friction generated, but that would not be an intelligent nor realistic evolution. Just like everything else, test it before you need it at an incident. There are a thousand ways to do anything in this job, just make sure you pick one and practice it before you need it.
    Give it a try and let me know what you think. We might have a video here somewhere of a practice run.

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