Bailout System Poll

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  • anchorpoint1 says:

    I was tempted to say yes to this. My department cannot get off their ass and get systems to it’s members. BUT for some reason every suburb of my city has bailout systems issued to all it’s members. Strong example there, big city leads the way on budget priorities. Beyond that, what cost would this add to the gear? Would 1971 bring a minimum standard to bailout systems (other than what 1983 currently has).
    Don’t kid yourself on 1983 either “Low Stretch and Static Kernmantle Life Safety Rope and shall have a diameter of 7.5 mm (19/64 in.) or greater, and less than 9.5 mm (3/8 in.).” and “shall withstand a minimum test load of at least 13.5 kN (3034 lbf) without failure” Does nothing to “standardize” bailout systems.
    There are some really shitty systems out there that still get purchased. Huge, complex and cumbersome does nothing to make them desirable to the members.
    OK, let me stop now. But this isn’t over.

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