Truck Work: Do you really know

While at a fire the other night I observed some truckies at work. These guys were carrying multiple ladders by themselves and throwing them. Venting the windows it was fantastic. It lead me to think, what if that apparatus is not here. Do firefighters have the mentality to understand it is not about the apparatus it is the job functions that have to be carried out. In the system I work in engines handle the RIT duties and numerous other functions on the fire ground, but it made me think even further if the trucks where not available would engine men  have the mind-set to perform these roles without being prompted. While I am  agreeable that we have to stretch correctly and get that first line in service knocking down the fire. I also feel it is equally as important  the job functions of the truck company be performed promptly as well. Engine firefighters must still understand how critical it is to find out what is happening around you and not focus solely on spraying water. So I ask  are you prepared to take on  truck functions from your engine if needed. While having a discussion with our Chief of training he informed me that a quote that was submitted for a class on ladders could possibly get shot down. I was totally vexed. All firefighters must posses the ability to throw an extension ladder by themselves, rescue victims via ladders, open up ceilings, vent windows and roofs. the list could go on. Maybe I’m alone in that thought process?  A friend of mine once told academies should have “Truck Company for the Engine Company” classes since our fire service is heavily loaded with engines. My question and ramblings are for this reason. Do you as a firefighter understand the critical functions truck company operations entail? Could you perform them from your engine if called upon? Do you have a true understanding of why you are carrying the duties out? Do not cheat yourself really find out.  Truck Companies, Truck work is one of the most under valued functions on the fire ground and I say that based on the articles I read. Pictures I see, and cuts that are made. Truck work has to be done regardless of the type of apparatus. Next time you are at the firehouse look at your truck and think could you perform truck functions and how could you get it done with what you have.

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