View from the front.

Has someone ever told you to run around the back and tell them what you see?  Or, as in my area, the second in ladder has this responsibility.

How would you describe these front and back pictures to Command?

Would they require a radio transmission?

What do these “additions”  tell you about what my be going on inside the house?

People do crazy things to their property and then you are expected to show up and do your job.  Sometimes you want to cuss them out for the stupidity they have displayed.  NOT YOUR JOB.  Your job is to protect  yourself and crew, then them and their property.  LIP.  Act professional, do your job.

Addition #1 is a 5 year stalled project with construction debris in the yard.  You cannot tell what other parts of the project are stalled from the outside, or in the dark.

Additions #2 and #4 are garage additions, if you want to call them that.

Addition #3 is restaurant that added a pantry and sink.  Then ran the sink drain straight outside and put a shiny new tarp on the roof.  Don’t trust the roof to have decking on it.

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