Size Up: Paint the Picture

Often times firefighters arriving at the scene of an incident will sign off on scene and that is all you get.  This practice is particularly bad when multiple units are responding to a call. When arriving on scene even if you are the only unit responding to the call you need to give a size up and paint the picture of what is actually taking place. Firefighters right now are thinking how many times do I have to hear this. The answer is until you start arriving and giving a proper Size-Up.  While buffing various departments around the country from small to large I hear it constantly. Eng 1 is on scene, and then nothing. A suggestion would be if you’re arriving at a medical call repeat the address just to make sure your at the one you were dispatched too. ex: Eng 1 on scene 123 ABC street. You may have a large gathering that is outside upset about a death of a family member or friend. When people are emotional you do not know what their response will be.  Size-Up also is a big factor when multiple units are responding so that they can start to formulate some type of plan based off of what is being told to them. Do they need to lay a supply line? Do they need to pick up your supply line? Do they need to bring in a secondary attack line or just stand by? Does the first truck need to go to the roof or start their searches? These items are important to the efficiency and success on the fire ground. There are so many more examples that can be provided these were just a few. So the next time you get to a scene give a proper size-up.

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