Why Are You On That Deck?

How many people are going to stand on that porch with you?  Did someone take a quick look to see if ANYONE should be on it?  If your department is like mine, I bet it looks like a bachelor party that rented too small of a space.  Take a look, and look again, people do some crazy things.  Fire escapes and porches aren’t exactly well maintained, most never have been.  You and your crew might be the first real load that thing has seen in years.

Wood rots and steel corrodes, the house already has a problem that’s why you’re there.  Don’t get tunnel vision; many more things will try to hurt you than just the fire, or the porch collapse.

Some hazards can be avoided, others may have to be mitigated.  Throw a ladder over missing decking if you NEED to use that route.  The safest option is if you see a potential problem, STAY AWAY, and let others know to do the same.

If you want full size versions of these pictures let me know, I have a couple others also.

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