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Nozzle Up: Get your hand off of that grip

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How many times have you been on the nozzle and been using the pistol grip only to have the nozzle end up in your arm pit? This can waste time and energy when you have to try to stop and reposition to get a better hold on the line. If you hold the line just behind the […]

Big Box Search

A few weeks ago some of our guys had the opportunity to attend a class by Chief John Coleman that was titled “Incident Command for the Street Smart Fire Officer.” One of the topics Chief Coleman talked about, was  the “Oriented Method of Search.”  This method can be used to perform a big box search.There are several […]

Truck Work: Do you really know

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While at a fire the other night I observed some truckies at work. These guys were carrying multiple ladders by themselves and throwing them. Venting the windows it was fantastic. It lead me to think, what if that apparatus is not here. Do firefighters have the mentality to understand it is not about the apparatus […]

What’s inside that wall?

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Building codes are great, they provide a standard for everyone to follow.  What is the result?  Buildings that are all built the same?  Not so much.  Realistically, people do whatever they want, additions here, and alterations there.  Many buildings predate modern codes, others have changed occupancy multiple times in their history.  You have no idea […]

Drill: Size-Up

Go out in your district and stop at different buildings. Look for muilt-story, L-shaped U Shaped buildings in your district.  Also go through your residential communities and practice sizing up different styles and sizes of homes. Key Points to emphasize when doing size-up 1. What side are you on ( Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta ) […]

Size Up: Paint the Picture

Often times firefighters arriving at the scene of an incident will sign off on scene and that is all you get.  This practice is particularly bad when multiple units are responding to a call. When arriving on scene even if you are the only unit responding to the call you need to give a size […]

View from the front.

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Has someone ever told you to run around the back and tell them what you see?  Or, as in my area, the second in ladder has this responsibility. How would you describe these front and back pictures to Command? Would they require a radio transmission? What do these “additions”  tell you about what my be […]

Why Are You On That Deck?

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How many people are going to stand on that porch with you?  Did someone take a quick look to see if ANYONE should be on it?  If your department is like mine, I bet it looks like a bachelor party that rented too small of a space.  Take a look, and look again, people do […]

Whats Your Favorite Forcible Entry Tool

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Thirsty Thursday: Forcible Entry Demo

What proper training and technique can do. This is just to wet your appetite as we are going into the weekend. [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.929879&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26] more about “Thirsty Thursday“, posted with vodpod

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