How Many Lines To The Fire

Many times we respond to fires where one attack line can handle the fire. If one attack line is all that is needed, is it truly safe? Should there always be two lines pulled? If so,what is the second lines job? Where is it going?  [polldaddy poll=2672518]


  • Matt Gorman says:

    I think that their should be at least 2 lines even if only 1 actually goes to the fire and the other charged, and manned on the outside so that if the crew inside gets into trouble or conditions continue to grow; when the first crew thought they could get it, then it can be rapidly deployable to assist the first crew.

  • Eugene says:

    I agree with sir Matt. There should be atleast two lines inside eventhough one line is enough. The 2nd line should always be the back up line. We can never say.

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